Noninvasive time-lapse embryo imaging with detection of abnormal divisions leading to aneuploidy

Objective and noninvasive imaging of embryo characteristics allows detection of abnormal cleavages leading to the occurence of chromosomal malsegregation which are a major cause of spontaneous miscarriage or birth defects

Scanning and analyzing embryo development is a breakthrough approach in assessing human embryos in a culture medium. It is performed by a computer which continuously monitors the embryo’s deve­lopment. The embryos are not disturbed during their extracorporeal development by constant examinations as the entire monitoring process happens behind closed doors of the incubator. Subsequent analysis is based on acquired digital records.
The developmental abilities of human embryos can be predicted by measurement of their cell cycles. Continuous non-invasive embryo monitoring allows an exact measurement of these phases of human embryo development. The duration of the first 4 interphases and synchrony of the daughter cells cleavages are expressed in Embryo Cleavage Rating (ECR) and correspond with regular ooplasmic metabolits and organelles distribution and with embryonic genome activation (EGA).


Mosaic embryo:…
Mosaic embryo:…
Entirely aneuploid embryo:…

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We are offering a noninvasive aneuploidy prediction as an alternative to PGS – invasive genetic aneuploidy screening which requires biopsy procedure for 1–2 embryonic cells removal.

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