A new treatment option for some of the most challenged patients

EmbryoGen® is a new advanced embryo culture medium which includes a natural communication substance used by the mother during pregnancy.
The embryo is cultured in EmbryoGen® during the IVF process and is finally returned to the woman’s uterus along with a small amount of EmbryoGen®.
This way, the embryo is better prepared for dialogue when returned to the uterus.

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EmbryoGen® was tested in one of the world’s largest IVF trials.
Results (tested in more than 1300 IVF patients in 14 clinics) showed significant improvements in women with a history of miscarriage.

EmbryoGen® is for everyone.....­.however women who have experienced early miscarriages or failed IVF treatments without pregnancy are more likely to have an extra benefit.

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