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Published 16. 11. 2020

Dr. Darina Krutinova – IVF specialist

MUDr. Darina Krutinova

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In a series of blog entries, we would like to present the specialists, such as Dr. Darina Krutinova, that are part of our excellent team, those who will ensure the good flow of your treatment, and the success that we all hope for.

Today we would like to present one of our Senior IVF specialists: Dr. Darina Krutinova

Her studies

Dr. Darina Krutinova graduated from the Medical University in Prague, the Czech Republic in 2004, and afterward, she specialized in gynecology and obstetrics.

She studied and did her medical practice in Norway and also at Oxford University in England.

She gained vast experience during these years of practice and therefore she was recruited to work as a Locum doctor in the UK. Where she practiced gynecology and obstetrics at various hospitals. These years of experience gave her extensive medical practice and made a grounded professional.

Afterward, she received European attestation for gynecology and obstetrics.

From 2008 she started preparing for becoming an IVF specialist.


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Her path to IVF

During her years as a medical student, she knew right away that her passion was working with children.

Initially, she desired to work in a different specialty, pediatric endocrinology.

However, her path in medicine has proven to be different.

In 2016 starting to work as a gynecologist and IVF specialist at the First Faculty of Medicine and General Charles University Hospital, commonly known as Apolinar, she realized that helping couples achieve what gives sense to one’s life is her mission in medicine.

To her, children are the sense of life. And she follows this motto in her work.

Family is the core value of life, in her opinion, and she takes it as a duty to help those who need it.

Her approach

Her approach to IVF is very individual and says that each case is unique. “ You need to tailor the strategy according to the history and medical file of each couple. Personal medical history and also family anamnesis are very valuable information when finding the best solution for a couple to achieve a healthy pregnancy, and most importantly giving birth to a healthy baby

She is a mother of 3 herself. She knows the joy of motherhood, and therefore she understands how important it is being a parent.

In 2018 she joined Prague Fertility Centre as an IVF specialist and we couldn’t be more grateful for her contribution to our success as a team and a fertility clinic.

During this time she helped hundreds of couples become parents and we are happy to have her in our PFC family.


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