Intrauterine Insemination Treatment In Europe

Intrauterine insemination 

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the most straightforward form of assisted reproduction. This method is often the first choice for couples and the path to pregnancy closest to natural conception. In this method, sperm is introduced directly into the uterus through a special catheter. This process, done at the right time, smooths a couple’s journey and increases their chances of conception.

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How does intrauterine insemination work? 

Intrauterine insemination is a method where, using a catheter, we insert purified sperm directly into the uterus during ovulation. Insemination is performed during a natural cycle either without stimulation or after individual hormonal stimulation.

Preparatory phase 


Consultation with doctor 

After completing the online form, you will be contacted by your personal IVF Coordinator. She will answer any questions you have and together you will arrange an initial consultation with a specialist doctor, either online or at our clinic. During the meeting, the doctor will review your medical and personal history and perform the tests required to determine your reproductive capacity. If the consultation takes place online, you can complete the examination in your home country and share the results with the doctor electronically.


As with all treatment methods, intrauterine insemination is preceded by an examination of both male and female reproductive capacity. We will perform an ultrasound on the woman, check the condition of the cervix and take blood to determine the hormonal profile. We then analyse a semen sample or spermogram which is crucial to determine the motility, number and overall viability of sperm. Only on the basis of the results of the examinations will we determine whether IUI is recommended as a potentially effective method of assisted reproduction for your case.

Detailed menstrual cycle monitoring 

If your doctor recommends IUI, we will closely monitor your menstrual cycle as accurate timing is critical for successful insemination. We check ovulation and egg maturity using ultrasound and then induce it at the appropriate time through an injection.


Day 10 – 15 

Sperm retrieval 

In intrauterine insemination, we can use both partner and donor sperm. An ejaculate sample is purified, concentrated and prepared for the insemination catheter by embryologists in our laboratory. Our specialists require about an hour before the planned insemination to conduct this process.

Intrauterine insemination 

Insemination is a short procedure that is performed without anesthesia and can be compared to a routine gynaecological examination. The sperm is introduced through a special catheter into the uterine cavity. The process is painless and you can go home immediately after the procedure.

After insemination 

IUI + 14 days 

Progesterone supplementation 

After insemination, you will take medication supporting the progesterone phase of the cycle. This prepares the uterine lining for implantation and participates in the maintenance of a pregnancy. The frequency and method will be explained to you by your doctor.

Pregnancy test 

Around 14 days after insemination, you can take a urine pregnancy test at home. In case of a positive result, you will have a follow-up at our clinic or with your gynaecologist to confirm the result. If the result is negative, you will have another consultation with your doctor to discuss further treatment options.

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An expert team including an experienced doctor, embryologist and a personal IVF Coordinator has your health as its first priority and works to ensure the best possible results.