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Treatment prices 

At PFC, we understand fertility treatment can be emotionally and financially challenging. We aim to maximise chances of success in each cycle with personally appropriate methods. See the price overview of fertility preservation and assisted reproduction. Our coordinator will individually discuss details with you.

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Treatment prices 

All patients are treated individually, the final price, therefore, depends on particular treatment and laboratory methods. After initial consultation and examination, the doctor will recommend procedures that may increase the success rate of treatment in your specific case. 

Your coordinator will provide you with a complete price list of methods. If you combine multiple of them, your coordinator will offer you appropriate discounted packages.

Native IVF cycle with ICSI 

1.900 €

The price includes: consultation for the treatment cycle, treatment plan, ultrasound examination, egg retrieval, sperm analysis and sperm processing, ICSI of 2 eggs and embryo cultivation for 48 hours, embryo transfer. 

The price excludes: general anesthesia, STD testing and other advanced laboratory methods

Complete IVF cycle 

from 2.500 €

The price includes: consultation for the treatment cycle, treatment plan — stimulation protocol, ultrasound examination, oocyte collection, spermiogram and sperm processing, embryo cultivation for 48 hours, and embryo transfer.

The price excludes: general anesthesia, other advanced laboratory methods, stimulant mediction and STD testing


900 € 

The price includes: the transfer of one high quality selected thawed donated embryo.

IVF with donated eggs 

from 5.000 €

The price includes: consultation on the treatment cycle, STD testing, selection and preparation of the donor (including stimulation drugs), vaginal ultrasound examination, spermiogram and sperm processing, sperm cryopreservation and storage for 1 year, ICSI method, prolonged embryo cultivation and embryo transfer.

The price excludes: other advanced laboratory methods, cryopreservation of embryos. 

Guarantee program: we always guarantee at least 2 embryos from the donated oocytes for embryo transfer (if the partner has a good-quality spermiogram).

IVF with donated embryos 

from 2.500 €

The price includes: embryo transfer of one high-quality selected thawed embryo, donated by a young, carefully screened donor.

Egg freezing 

3.100 €

The price includes: a consultation with a doctor, ultrasound examination and detailed treatment plan, ovarian stimulation for egg retrieval, vaginal ultrasound examination during stimulation, oocyte retrieval, oocyte quality assessment by an embryologist, short-term general anesthesia, STD test, egg freezing by vitrification and 3 years of egg storage.

The price excludes: medication for stimulation.

Sperm freezing 

500 € 

Price includes: spermiogram, sperm freezing, controlled thawing of sample for sperm survival test after thawing, one year of storage 

Price does not include: STD test

Intrauterine insemination 

400 € 

Price includes: sperm preparation for insemination (spermiogram and sperm preparation) and introduction of processed ejaculate into the uterus.