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In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

IVF (or in vitro fertilisation) is a method that mimics natural fertilisation, with a critical difference being IVF takes place outside of a woman’s body in a laboratory. This advanced and successful method of assisted reproduction makes conception possible for couples who find it difficult naturally.

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How does IVF work? 


Your first contact and initial consultation 

Your personal IVF Coordinator will first explain what to expect, before arranging a consultation with your doctor and helping you gather your medical history. During your initial consultation, a specialist IVF doctor will review your medical history, perform tests, collect samples, and discuss your wishes and any concerns.


Initiation of the treatment 

Based on the results of your initial consultation, the doctor will recommend an appropriate course of treatment, which we can start after your approval.


Egg retrieval and transfer 

After hormonal stimulation, we retrieve the eggs, fertilise them and observe their development for several days. Then, the embryo can be transferred to the uterus.


Pregnancy test 

You can take a pregnancy test as early as 14 days after the transfer to confirm if the process has been successful.

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Your questions answered 


How much does assisted reproduction cost? 

Just as each couple’s treatment is unique, the cost of artificial insemination varies. You can check our online price list for basic prices, but the final cost depends on your doctor’s recommendation and your choice of advanced laboratory methods. Your coordinator can also offer you discounted packages of services.

Assisted reproduction price list

What are the risks of IVF

Although you will be under the care of experts who work hard to minimise all possible risks, various complications can occur during the treatment process. The most common is hormonal stimulation ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which is an increased ovarian response to medication.

Complications during egg retrieval, such as bleeding into the abdominal cavity are rare. However, it is best to have an IVF specialist doctor assess the possible risks in your particular case. Your doctor will always try to design a treatment and stimulation plan that minimises the risks.

Does the injection hurt during stimulation? 

Injections containing the necessary medication for stimulation are usually not painful, but this depends on your sensitivity. Injections are administered using injection pens with a short, thin needle, and are injected into appropriate places on the abdomen. It is important to rotate the injection sites as directed by your nurse or doctor. Some women find it psychologically helpful to have their partner administer the injection.

If we pass the test, will we have to undergo IVF

The initial examination is followed by a consultation with our IVF specialist. If the doctor does not find a problem on the part of either partner, he/​she will give recommendations to increase your chances of natural conception. However, if the doctor sees obstacles to natural conception or you no longer want to wait, he/​she will outline what treatment options you have. It is entirely up to you whether or not you decide to undergo an assisted reproduction option. You can decide during your consultation or at any time afterwards. We believe it essential to the success of your treatment that you stand by your decision, feel safe and comfortable and trust our specialists.

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Can I go through the examination alone? 

Of course. You can come to the initial examination alone without a partner or in a couple. It is only natural that each partner can take a different amount of time to reach a decision to address fertility proactively with the help of experts. However, if you have been trying for a baby for more than a year, or over the age of 35 for more than half a year, then it is definitely a good idea to check your fertility status. If we discover a problem, we will suggest a proactive approach to solving it as soon as possible. You can then discuss these options with your partner and they can take the test with us at a later date. IVF treatment itself will then always be undertaken as a couple.

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Until what age can I undergo IVF at PFC

We can legally perform assisted reproduction at childbearing age (up to woman´s 49th birthday). For men, there is no age limit for treatment.

The legal conditions of assisted reproduction

Behind every success is an expert team 

An expert team including an experienced doctor, embryologist and a personal IVF Coordinator has your health as its first priority and works to ensure the best possible results.