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What makes us unique 

We will treat you to only the best, in every way. Comfortable facilities and the latest technologies are a given, as are the most empathetic and personal approach.

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Bespoke, personalised plan 

We always endeavour to have one doctor to guide your entire treatment. You are not just a number to us, we want to get to know all aspects of your story and by working together we can find the path to your baby.


Experienced embryologists 

Working closely with doctors, our vastly experienced embryologists are critical to fertility method success at PFC. In our renowned laboratory, one of the most advanced in the Czech Republic, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of fertility treatment. That is why patients from all over the world choose us.


Short waiting times 

The time is now. You can start your treatment this month, without waiting times. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with a doctor.


Donor program 

With our donor program, you won’t have to wait long if you are undergoing IVF treatment with donated eggs or embryos.



We will be completely honest with you at all times. Each cycle may not end in pregnancy. In such cases, your doctor will always look for ways to adjust your treatment, and if necessary, suggest a new approach. Through our transparent approach, we can ultimately help up to 90% of couples.


We work as a team 

A key to success is the teamwork of our IVF specialists, embryologists and IVF coordinators. In more complex cases, we collaborate closely across disciplines to deliver the most comprehensive, empathetic, treatment possible.


A clinical environment where you will feel at ease 

We are one of the Czech Republic’s top 5 clinics in the number of couples treated. However, we will welcome you to an extremely friendly and discreet environment where you can feel relaxed and concentrate on the important things.

We specialise in treating international patients 


Personal coordinator 

Fertility treatment can be very stressful, so a personal English-speaking IVF Coordinator will guide you through the entirety of your treatment. Your coordinator is able to answer any questions, explain processes, coordinate appointments and dispel any doubts you may have. We know that your mental and physical wellbeing is foremost as we support your fertility journey.


We speak your language 

We specialise in treating international patients. An English-speaking IVF Coordinator will be on hand throughout your treatment, both remotely and in person during each visit. We will ensure nothing is lost in translation and you’ll feel relaxed and ready for all the important decisions.


We communicate remotely 

We tailor treatment to be as comfortable as possible for foreign couples. Initial and follow-up consultations can be online, we accept medical examinations from your country and we can issue prescriptions remotely. You can spend less than a week in Prague, or spend additional time exploring the city’s beauty.


We will help you with logistics 

We have special rates with partner hotels that are popular with couples. In the FAQ section, you will find more information on staying in Prague

Behind every success is an expert team 

An expert team including an experienced doctor, embryologist and a personal IVF Coordinator has your health as its first priority and works to ensure the best possible results.