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The most innovative laboratory 

Prague Fertility Centre is a leading innovator in the treatment of infertility. Our innovations have been gradually adopted by other clinics. Our physicians treat some of the most complex fertility cases on a daily basis. People travel from all over the world because they know PFC’s medical team’s experience is worthwhile. Our skilled embryologists are constantly up-to-date with the latest research in the field and our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Creating new life is not just our work, it is our passion.

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Introduction of noninvasive time-lapse technology 

Being up-to-date with the latest technology, our clinic was fast in introducing time-lapse technology into our treatment.

Its purpose is to continually monitor the evolution of an embryo. It allows our embryologists to follow the development of the embryos from the day of the fertilization to the day of the transfer. The method helps in detecting abnormal cell division in embryos which is beneficial in discarding embryos that are defective and might cause miscarriages. Time-lapse monitoring ensures only viable embryos will be transferred, which is a crucial part of the IVF treatment.


IVF Stimulation Techniques 

At PFC, we receive patients with some of the most complex fertility issues from all over the world.

Our experience goes beyond our laboratory methods, it involves tailoring a Fertility program for each patient, according to their infertility history. This often involves specific testing, gynecological procedures, and fertility techniques such as Mini-IVF, Priming, DuoStim, ERA testing, among others.


2021– New Facilities. Double our previous capacity. 

Despite 2020 having been a very challenging year for humanity, at PFC, it allowed us to focus on executing our growth plans. Thanks to our patients’ trust, our operations have grown dramatically in the past five years. This led us to embark on this expansion project.

From January 2021, we are proud of offering increased comfort to our patients, completely new facilities and laboratory equipment, as well as more physician’s time and a larger team of qualified healthcare professionals.

PFC continues to be one of the preferred fertility clinics in Europe in terms of both: success rates, and patient experience.

Behind every success is an expert team 

An expert team including an experienced doctor, embryologist and a personal IVF Coordinator has your health as its first priority and works to ensure the best possible results.