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Published 15. 2. 2021

Dr. Hulvert, Head IVF Physician at PFC

Dr. Jaroslav Hulvert is an internationally recognized Charles University gyneacologist known for his expertise in Assisted Reproduction.  He joined PFC in the beginning of 2019 as the Head IVF physician. He has close to 30 years of experience in leading posts at other Czech Fertility Centers.

With Six children, one would think he makes good use of work benefits; however, they were all naturally conceived.  He has a conservative, yet effective approach to medicine and infertility treatment.  He is passionate about sports, family life, and traveling.  He’s proud of having helped so many couples and being able to visit former patients in almost every corner of the globe.

Dr. Hulvert enjoys random encounters with former patients and their grown children in the streets quite often.

Dr. Lazarovska and Dr. Hulvert at PFC's 10th year Anniversary
Dr. Lazarovska and Dr. Hulvert at PFC’s 10th year Anniversary

He has international experience from the Copenhagen City Hospital and Circonia IVF Center in Denmark, as well as in Gothemburg City Hospital in Sweden. Dr. Hulvert has been an invited lecturer at national and international conferences as honored guest speaker. He has authored and co-authored research papers in more than 20 local and foreign publications.  He speaks Czech, English and Russian.

Raving patient reviews are “daily bread” for Dr. Hulvert and PFC:

“Dr. Hulvert is awesome! Thanks to his empathy and personal approach, a person feels in good hands from the start, I really appreciate his effort, explanations and overall care.  I don’t think I have met a greater expert in the field, and I have a long history.. In addition to his knowledge, I also appreciate his good vibe and positive approach. Thanks to him, the whole ivf process seemed much more bearable to me.”

“Absolutely perfect approach … I am very glad that I underwent artificial insemination at your place. Everyone behaved perfectly. Dr. Hulvert was top-notch … . I felt really good.  Everyone was very nice. So thank you very much and now just wait for the first pregnancy test ❤️”

“Doctor Hulvert is an amazing professional and an incredibly human doctor! Thanks for all!

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