Published 7. 12. 2020

Dr. Lucie Švábíková Ph.D. – IVF specialist

Dr. Lucie Švabíková
Dr. Lucie Švabíková

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In a series of blog entries, we would like to present the specialists, such as Dr. Lucie Švábíková Ph.D., that are part of our excellent team, those who will ensure the good flow of your treatment, and the success that we all hope for.

Today we would like to present one of our Senior IVF specialists:

Dr. Lucie Švábíková Ph.D.

Her studies

Dr. Lucie Švábíková graduated from Charles University in Prague, First Faculty of Medicine and General Charles University Hospital, commonly known as Apolinar, one of the most famous gynecological hospitals in the Czech Republic. Her specialties are Infertility and IVF. She is the author of several professional medical studies on the topic of hysteroscopy, which she also practices outside of PFC. She is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague. 

She has been working as a gynecologist since 2001 and as an IVF specialist for 11 years.

She is very dedicated to her work and strongly believes in the personal approach of each case. Connecting with the patient from the first phone or personal consultation is what she’s best at.

She joined PFC in early 2019.  Since then, what she likes the most at PFC is having enough time to dedicate to patients, which was an issue at the 3 previous centers she worked at before.  In her view, PFC’s approach is in line with hers, it’s human and individual, where the main goal is to help patients achieve a pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.


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Her advice to patients

“Having patience and a positive approach is really helpful. All this is very difficult, stressful, and expensive. It takes a long time, but if someone thinks positively – it helps a lot. Our brain is our friend but also our enemy. If a woman cannot have a child earlier for various reasons, it is good to freeze eggs until the age of 30.”

She loves this branch of medicine because it is full of positive things…

“When success happens, then that success is wonderful. The family is expanding. The most beautiful moment is when the doctor receives an e-mail in which the patient expresses her gratitude and sends a picture with the baby. That joy cannot be described in words. That is the most that a doctor can experience – to see that her job makes sense”

She is also a proud mother of two boys, and her husband is also a doctor. Her world is surrounded by medicine, and she wanted to be a doctor since she was in kindergarten. If given the chance to go back in time and make another choice, she would not hesitate to choose again to become a doctor.


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