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Published 26. 10. 2020

Dr. Natalya Savelyeva

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In a series of blog entries, we would like to present the specialists, such as Dr. Natalya Savelyeva, that are part of our excellent team, those who will ensure the good flow of your treatment, and the success that we all hope for.

Today we would like to present one of our Senior IVF specialists: Dr. Natalya Savelyeva

Dr. Natalya Savelyeva

Her studies

She graduated with honors from the University of Medicine in Russia. In 2011 she successfully defended her medical dissertation and was awarded the title of candidate for medical sciences.

Furthermore, during her studying years, Dr. Natalya Savelyeva took an interest in reproductive medicine and decided to specialize in IVF. She now has 20 years of clinical experience in the field of endocrine gynecology and reproductive medicine.

Nowadays, she is certified by the Czech Ministry of Health.  And, since 2015 she has worked in IVF; she joined PFC in 2018.


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Her approach

In her work, she considers the individual approach to each patient as a priority. She looks into each case with professionalism and tries to find the best solution and treatment for the couples who are coming into her office to ask for her help.

Dr. Natalya Savelyeva investigates all the possible obstacles that could prevent obtaining pregnancy and tries to combat them.

Due to her approach to performing wide medical investigations prior to treatment, her success rate is very high. Thousands of couples have created families now, with her help.

She started working at Prague Fertility Center in June 2018 and we are very grateful for having Dr. Savalyeva on board and we hope that you as a patient will get your most desired outcome in her good care.


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