Published 9. 11. 2020

Travelling to Prague for IVF

The Czech Republic has long been known as a destination for infertility patients. Previous border closures and social distancing measures have made receiving fertility treatments from its world-renowned clinics, such as PFC, a bit tricky. But couples are still finding ways to start a family even amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Travelling to Prague for IVF has become more complicated, but our team of coordinators is always up to date and they can help with all the documents needed for your arrival to the Czech Republic.


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Currently, the Czech Republic is in a lockdown state which means that all shops with the exception of supermarkets, drug stores, and pharmacies are closed. The same applies to restaurants and cafes. However, most of the restaurants have switched to “take away” mode.

Sadly the numbers have been increasing rapidly lately. And therefore the government has imposed stricter measures. A 9 pm (21:00) curfew is in place at the moment. That means no travelling is allowed outside after this time and before 6 am.

What is the current situation?

At PFC, we monitor and communicate any policy changes on a daily basis through our website and social media posts.

Prague Fertility Centre continues operating as normal, with all our staff following strict hygienic measures.

Travelling to healthcare facilities is one of the exceptions to the Czech government’s ban on free movement, in effect since October 22nd, 2020

The borders remain open if you travel for medical purposes. We can provide you with confirmation from our clinic.

It is however recommended to test yourself if you travel to us for treatment. It is a preventive measure in your best interest when attempting to get pregnant.

What can we do to keep your treatment going but minimize travelling?

We all see at the moment a rise in digital solutions, and this applies to digital fertility solutions. As long as travel restrictions prevail, doctors will increasingly conduct consultations via phone, video, or chat and Prague Fertility Centre is fully prepared to meet these challenges.

If you would like to start your journey to parenthood now, but the current situation prevents you from travelling or getting the necessary tests done, we find ways to help out.


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Our centre remains open and we will find a way to make your dream come true. If you are travelling to Prague for your IVF treatment you can check flights available here:

Available flights to Prague:

From the UK (London to Prague)

  • Flights are available the entire month of November, every day. Check  HERE

From Ireland to Prague (Dublin to Prague)

  • Arrivals from Dublin to Prague every day.
  • Departures from Prague to Dublin (Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday) Check HERE

Flights from The Netherlands to Prague (Amsterdam to Prague)

  • KLM operates direct flights from Amsterdam to Prague and returns almost daily. Check your flight HERE

Flights from Romania to Prague (Bucharest to Prague)

  • TAROM operates direct flights from Bucharest to Prague and returns three times a week. Check your flight HERE

If you would like to know more about what your possibilities are in terms of travelling and restrictions

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