Published 25. 1. 2021

Vaccination against COVID, Fertility Treatment and Pregnancy

We receive questions about Vaccination against Covid, fertility treatment and Pregnancy from our patients every day.

Our team of physicians recommends as follows:

  • We do not recommend vaccination against Covid during ovarian stimulation. We do not advise it before egg collection, after embryo transfer, or during preparation for cryo or fresh embryo transfer.
  • When planning to vaccinate against Covid: you should receive all vaccination doses no later than one menstrual cycle before Treatment.
  • If a patient does not show any symptoms (fever, muscle pain, etc.), she can start treatment in the nearest menstrual cycle, and continue until embryo transfer. We do encourage all our patients to get a Covid test before undergoing treatment.
  • After treatment: if the pregnancy test comes back positive and the pregnancy continues, we recommend consulting the risks of vaccination directly with the vaccination center – vaccination is not currently recommended for pregnant women and children to vaccinate.

Find answers to the following questions about Vaccination against Covid, fertility treatment and Pregnancy, in the recently published Vaccination against Covid recommendations by the ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology).


  • men and women receive the COVID-19 vaccine before attempting conception?
  • couples who received COVID-19 vaccination postpone conception, and if so, for how long?
  • pregnant women vaccinate against COVID-19?

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