Published 2. 12. 2020

Winter in Prague – Turn your IVF treatment into a winter fairytale

Prague is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. Turn your IVF treatment into a winter fairytale.

There is no bad time to visit Prague, and since you do plan to be here for an IVF treatment, you might want to consider coming in winter. Even if you might be some of those who don’t particularly like the cold weather, you will find that winter in Prague is like a doorway to a magic land.

Prague in winter is incredibly beautiful. The city becomes quiet and still. It is as if time stood still, or even as if you travelled back in time.

Franz Kafka loved winters in Prague, and he might have been for exactly that reason. It all becomes magical.

Now, as we all know, this year has been rather difficult. The COVID pandemic has affected all of us, but we have been very excited about the news of a recently discovered vaccine.

So we are hopeful, that we can end the year on a happy and hopeful note.

With the hope that the lockdown measures will ease in December, and will allow you to visit the most wonderful cafes and restaurants that Prague has to offer.

In December, Prague gets decorated for Christmas. The lights, the Christmas trees give the city the winter wonderland magic vibe.

Just walking around the city is like a trip to a fairy land.

Normally the city has several Christmas markets set up, where you can enjoy traditional food and have a warm glass of mulled wine (called Svařák in Czech). However, this year due to the pandemic, this might not happen to the extent that it happened in the previous years. However, we hope that a Christmas tree will still watch over our beautiful Old Town Square.

The weather does tend to get rather cold and humid in December. Layers are your best bet for clothing options. Shirts under sweaters, warm socks under boots, and a long coat that protects well against the wind will go a long way to keeping you warm and cozy while enjoying the Christmas lights after sunset. If you’re prone to cold hands, warm gloves are a must.



If you have been walking around and visiting the romantic streets and iconic sights of Prague, you are probably ready for visiting one of the famous cafes where you can enjoy an excellent hot chocolate, traditional Czech meal or just a coffee.

Here are some great tips for where to enjoy a great cup of coffee in a great atmosphere :

Taste of Prague

The 10 Best Cafes in Prague for Book Lovers



Welcome to Prague, a magical place all year round, but especially in winter.


If you already planned your IVF treatment and will be in Prague in December, don’t hesitate to contact your coordinator to give you great tips about how to spend your days while making sure you will be warm and cosy.

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