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The most
innovative clinic.

The most innovative assisted reproduction clinic in the Czech Republic with its own embryology research.

Prague Fertility Centre is a leading innovator in the treatment of infertility. Our innovations are gradually being adopted by other clinics. Our skilled embryologists are constantly up-to-date with the latest research in the field and our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Creating new life is not just our work, it is our passion.

First baby
born utilizing the ICSI method.

Dr. Daniel Hlinka was the first to perform the ICSI method of fertilization that resulted in the birth of a baby in 1994.

PGD/PGS with the assistance of our unique CATI technology

CATI (Cognitive Automation of Time-lapse Images) is the first automatized system in the world for embryo scoring and selection that uses artificial intelligence.

Dr. Daniel Hlinka developed and pioneered CATI. PGD/PGS in combination with CATI ensures significantly better results for our patients. The goal of CATI is to evaluate more precisely the vitality and genetic make-up of an embryo in its early phases of development. It is proven very useful in selecting embryos viable for biopsy and PGD/PGS testing.

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