Mara Corfariu

IVF Program Coordinator

One of my favorite moments at work is when the entire clinic staff gets together. It never ends to amaze me to look at the number of capable and dedicated people working together to help bring new life into the world.

Mara joined PFC in 2011, two years after PFC was established. She works closely with Dr. Jonas and Dr. Novotna helping Romanian and English-speaking patients.

Mara has lived in Prague since 2008, she’s from Romania. She joined PFC in 2011, two years after the center was established. In 2020, after her maternity leave, she came back to PFC and joined a much bigger team. Since then, she has helped dozens of Romanian and English-speaking patients with their IVF treatment at PFC. Mara currently works closely with all our doctors. When Mara is not working, she’s probably out on a trip with her son, meeting friends, or reading a good book. If Mara could snap her fingers and become an expert in something: “I would be a doctor, the medical world fascinates me, and my father being a doctor himself has inspired this passion in me, so I guess it runs in the family.”

Mara Corfariu

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