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We maximize the success of every single cycle

Good selection of high-quality embryos is key to a successful pregnancy. We use modern diagnostics with the use of our unique technology to monitor and evaluate embryos. As a result, we make sure that there are fewer re-runs of the treatment cycles and we increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

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Your family is what we aim for

We treat all of our patients in a unique way and we can provide you with treatment that has a personal approach. We have a professional-but-caring attitude and you can count on us to walk you through every step of the treatment. Our goal is not only a positive pregnancy test. We want to make sure that the entire process leads to a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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One-stop clinic

Pre-treatment testing under one roof

Pre-treatment testing is crucial for proper treatment. It allows us to handpick methods that are tailored to your needs. What is more important, it gives us the certainty that you are in good health and that you are able to go through a pregnancy, which is our priority.

It is usually necessary to go through the pre-treatment tests in advance with your local doctor. At Prague Fertility Centre, we provide the concept of a one-stop clinic. With us you have the possibility to have all these tests done under one roof at our clinic in a short amount of time then plan the treatment straight afterwards.

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Patients from around the world

Prague Fertility Centre treats international patients, daily, from all over the world. We offer guidance in 8 different languages. Our clinic attracts patients from around the world thanks to our warm and friendly environment, high degree of professional expertise, and, especially, our technological innovations in the field of IVF.

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Assisted reproduction liberal legislation

in the Czech Republic

Assisted reproduction legislation in the Czech Republic offers a wide range of infertility treatment. All assisted reproduction methods are allowed, except cloning and gender selection from a non-medical indication.

We treat all of our patients in a unique way and we can provide you with treatment that has a personal approach.

Treatment may be undergone by a woman under the age of 49 years, i.e. on her embryo transfer day her age must be no more than 48 years and 364 days. The age of the man is not limited. IVF treatment can be done on the basis of a written request signed by both partners. Before each IVF treatment cycle is complete, the couple must re-consent.

We only treat heterosexual couples. Marriage is not a prerequisite.

The germ cells may come from a couple undergoing IVF treatment or may be donated. In the Czech Republic, eggs, embryos and sperm can be donated. Each donor has to undergo appropriate examinations to determine medical fitness. The female donor must be 18–35 years old and the male donor 18–40 years old. At the same time, the anonymity of all participants must be ensured.

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The most innovative clinic right in the heart of Europe

Prague is a beautiful city famous all over the world for its preserved architecture and its history. Coming to Prague for your IVF treatment is a great choice as you can conveniently make a vacation out of it at the same time.

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