Czech Republic is open to all Visitors more COVID info here

COVID Notice

Prague, 19.11.2021

Dear Patient,

All our medical staff is currently vaccinated. Read more about health and safety at PFC below.

The Czech Republic is open to all Visitors

If you are vaccinated with an EU approved vaccine, you can enter the country with the certificate, otherwise, this is what you need to do:

1) Request treatment confirmation from your coordinator.

2) Test for COVID before traveling according to this Instructions and MAP

3) Complete an entry form at arrival.

4) Take a Test at arrival (see Covid testing points below). According to the Map in 2) above.

5) Email the results to:

Visitors are required to wear a respirator in all indoor public facilities (airport, public transport, shops). It should be at least class FFP2, KN95, N95, P2, DS.

Keep up to date with FULL details here

COVID-19 Testing points in Prague

You can get a PCR test done at various locations in prague, among them:

COVID-19 Vaccination

Read here the recently published Vaccination recommendations according to the ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology).

  • “ESHRE considers it appropriate that men and women attempting to conceive through assisted reproduction receive the vaccine before starting treatment.”
  • It is recommended that all doses of vaccination are taken no later than one menstrual cycle before Treatment.
  • If the patient does not show any symptoms (fever, muscle pain, etc.), she can start treatment, and continue until embryo transfer, in the nearest menstrual cycle.
  • Vaccination is not recommended during ovarian stimulation, before egg collection, after embryo transfer, or during preparation for cryo or fresh embryo transfer.
  • Assisted reproduction treatments should not be started in women who have had any significant side effects from COVID-19 vaccination (such as an allergic reaction) and until they are considered fit for pregnancy by their physician.
  • In case the pregnancy test is positive and the pregnancy continues, we recommend consulting the risks of vaccination directly with the vaccination center – vaccination is not currently recommended for pregnant women and children.
  • As of July 2021, there is no information on the safety of different vaccine types during assisted reproduction treatment or pregnancy, and no recommendation can be made on which type of vaccine is the safest for men and women aiming to attempt pregnancy.

Personal Consultations at PFC, Health and Safety measures:

All our medical staff is currently vaccinated.

  • At PFC we continue to offer treatment without restrictions, yet observing the health and safety measures recommended by the WHO and the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)
  • Hotels have resumed operations, if you need any help booking accommodation, we'll be able to assist.
  • We kindly ask you to wear a Mask and make constant use of the hand sanitizers available at our facilities.
  • When you arrive, we will ask you to confirm that you do not have any symptoms, as stated by the WHO, including exposure to anyone that has tested positive for COVID 19 in the last 30 days. Otherwise please bring your certificate of vaccination and/or confirmation that you have suffered from covid in the past 3 months.

More information if you are traveling from these countries:

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