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IVF in the Czech Republic 



Assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic is coveted by people from around the world, due to the high level of medical care, short waiting times, affordable costs and the possibility to use diagnosis and methods of treatment that are not available in their home country. Read below about the conditions under which you can undergo IVF in Prague, Czechia.

What are the legal requirements for IVF treatment in the Czech Republic?

For each couple, Czech law lays down conditions for artificial insemination that relate to the age and composition of the couple. Without meeting them, you cannot undergo the treatment process.

The age limit is set for women only

Probably the most important and most frequently asked question about assisted reproduction is age. Couples have to take age into account when starting a family. For a man, age is not a factor in assisted reproduction, as he can donate sperm to his partner at any age in the Czech Republic. For women, however, age is a prerequisite for starting treatment. In the Czech Republic, women can undergo IVF treatment up to the age of 49. Specifically, a woman must not be older than 48 years + 364 days on the day of embryo transfer.

Treatment is only legally available to heterosexual couples

Czech legislation defines who can undergo fertility treatment in terms of gender and relationship. The law classifies assisted reproduction as a form of couples therapy. Both partners in a couple must participate, specifically on the basis of a written consent signed by both before each cycle. However, it is not necessary for both partners to be present at all visits. From a legal point of view, the couple does not have to be married. The second condition is that the couple must be heterosexual. For lesbian couples and women without a partner, assisted reproduction is not yet a legal way to have a child in the Czech Republic.

Egg Donation and Embryo Donation in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, egg donation and embryo donation are legally possible. This is an invaluable help for couples whose own reproductive cells do not allow them to become pregnant. At the same time, egg and sperm donation is subject to legal conditions. The first is strict anonymity for both parties when it comes to egg or sperm donation in the Czech Republic. This condition ensures a peaceful decision-making process for the donor and fewer possible future worries for the recipient.

An egg donor should be a woman between the ages of 18 and 35, and a sperm donor should be a man between the ages of 18 and 40. At Prague Fertility Centre, we have set an even stricter age limit for donors, who must be no older than 33. In all cases, donors must undergo a rigorous screening process at our clinic, which includes a thorough medical examination. The recipient of the eggs or embryos must then meet the above conditions for assisted reproduction, for example they must be under 49 years of age.

Sex selection is not possible

The law is strict about the use of certain methods and procedures in assisted reproduction. Importantly, legally you are not permitted to choose the sex of the child.

Team of our experts will be looking forward to help you with your IVF in the Czech Republic

Why undergo IVF treatment in Czech Republic?

  • The Czech Republic has been sought after by foreigners for over 2 decades for high-quality medical care, including fertility treatment.
  • Year after year, the Czech Republic has been ranked among the top 3 fertility tourism destinations in Europe.
  • The cost of IVF in the Czech Republic is reasonable and in fact up to 70 % cheaper than in US or Canada.
  • Our patients appreciate Prague as a very safe destination that is easy to get around with a reliable public transport system.
  • As a tourist’s dream destination, Prague has a lot to offer, including world-class historical sights, cultural venues, a variety of restaurants and hotels to suit all budgets. Choosing Prague for your IVF treatment will therefore mean an unforgettable trip for you and your partner.
  • There are direct flights to all major European cities and many major overseas cities, making it even easier to travel to the Czech Republic for IVF treatment. At Prague Fertility Centre, we always try to accommodate your travel needs and allow you to spend as few days in Prague as necessary.

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