A patient's story

We waited five long years, but it finally came true! 

Patient´s story 


What do you have to overcome together and how much patience, love and energy do you have to spend before your own healthy baby smiles at you? That is what one of the Prague Fertility Centre patients shared with us, and she decided to inspire other couples and give them encouragement. Today, this happy mother wrote her uneasy story with a happy ending.

The year 2024 is exactly 8.3. and I became a mom after 5 years! I can’t believe it! It’s been a painful, long journey, full of tears, disappointment from every negative pregnancy test…All I have to do is believe that it will work out one day and accept and deal with the added pain. When my friend’s daughter was born last January, I was so jealous. The little one was so cute, looking at me and checking me out like I was going to be her mom. Unfortunately, only a few days went by and my friend’s boyfriend broke her arm so badly that she couldn’t take care of the little girl. At that time, I took a pregnancy test and the result came back negative. Believe me, I didn’t have the strength, but the little one was worth it and despite the great personal pain I was experiencing, I took care of her as my own for 14 days. At that time I thought that it must work out for me too, because the one above must see how much I love children and wish to have a baby of my own.

Six months passed and I decided to undergo the transfer of the last embryo from the 4th IVF cycle. It was my last chance. I had so much faith that this embryo was the one and I too would have a baby in 9 months. I waited for a long 14 days until testing, but of course I couldn’t wait and took the test on day 9. There were 2 lines!!! I’m like, What? Really?” I didn’t believe it because I saw the second line in January too, and unfortunately it didn’t work out in the end. Well, here I was convinced it would work. And it did. The HCG was 1 220 on day 14. I called the clinic to tell them I was pregnant according to the blood draw, followed by more waiting until the first ultrasound where I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time in my life and saw my future child.

I was so happy! But at 7 weeks, the bleeding started, I thought, Oh, it’s over.” Excitement was replaced by panic and fear, it was very late and I saw Alena online on FB (Alena Dvorak, IVF guide), I wrote to her that I was bleeding. She asked me how much, and if I was scared, should I go to the emergency room or wait until morning and go to the gynecology. So I waited until morning and then after a phone consultation, I went to the gynecology to check in. The doctor examined me and said, I see a baby! 💙 His little heart is beating beautifully. And the bleeding is probably some blood clots that didn’t go away.” Ugh! I was so relieved. Thank goodness no more complications came up until the 9th month.

I enjoyed every day, although the beginning was difficult. Pregnancy sickness was with me for a long time, but you can bear it when you know that in a few months the best gift is waiting for you. So, dear fellow women trying to get pregnant, never give up! I was at the end of my rope too, but I always made it through and one day fortune will smile on each one of us. 🍀🥰

I would like to thank the staff of Prague Fertility Centre, where we made it possible! 🥰

The biggest thanks go to the best and kindest coordinator Marketa Brandani and the great and experienced doctor Štěpán Budek. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Zeman