B.Sc. Amela Ivković O'Reilly | Prague Fertility Centre

B.Sc. Amela Ivković O’Reilly 


She graduated from medical school and completed 2 years of medical studies and the onwards continuing in Graz, Austria and completed her studies in Nutrition in Dublin and London, with the aim of building a functional approach to human health where every patient is unique. 

Work experience 

She is a member of the Association of Nutritionists of Ireland, the Association of Nutritionists of Great Britain and the Royal Medical Association of Great Britain.

She collaborates with various experts in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine. She has worked at clinics in Dublin, London and Spain.

In addition to working in private practice in Sarajevo, she has worked at the local and corporate level on projects for the leading European company DM. She collaborated on a UNDP project to promote local, organic food. She worked for the Sarajevo Football Club on creating a healthy eating platform for their football academy as well as their first team while they achieved first place in the country.

She is part of the Green Council NGO team, and has worked with them on children’s education on healthy living and organic farming development projects in collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation. She worked with Caritas Switzerland (CACH) on a project to promote healthy children’s nutrition (with a focus on local, seasonal vegetables and fruits) and education on healthy living through nutrition in two primary schools in Sarajevo. She also codesign and worked on a project to empower women in rural areas in collaboration with the Women in Europe Foundation.

She works as a Nutritional adviser and expert for a large number of governmental and non-governmental organizations, local and international schools, where she focuses on strengthening awareness and knowledge about the importance of a healthy diet and the production of quality food. She works on Corporate Wellness projects for companies of various profiles.

Other activities 

She has collaborated with the Heart for Children with Cancer Association and the Iskra Association from Banja Luka on projects to strengthen children’s immunity and support parents.

She was Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was one of the leaders in the Liders Tribe’ project, Softhouse Consulting, in promoting good leadership practice through experience in her own practice working with clients and organizations.

She represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Food for Tomorrow’ project of the Swedish Cultural Institute.

She was part of the Vienna Insurance Project In a Healthy School, Healthy Children’ which won the Gold Award for Social Awareness in a competition of 52 countries.

Health and cooking is her life passion, which she also teach via her Youtube channel – Amelina kuhinja.

She regularly lectures on various topics for schools and organizations. She is a regular guest on various TV and radio stations on the topic of health and nutrition. She writes about an integrative and functional approach to health for several local and regional portals and newspapers.