MUDr. Lucie Musilová

Dr. Lucie Musilová 

IVF Specialist, PFC Donor Programme Doctor 

Determined, persistent, communicative, empathetic and warm, Dr. Musiová is an experienced doctor who will give you the space and support to find your own path to starting a family. She has worked in assisted reproduction since 2004 and is responsible for a very important area of the donor program at PFC.

Personal Statement 

IVF was still a relatively young field when I started to practice. Despite being overall and challenging work, it can be highly rewarding when one has successfully helped to create a new life. When treating infertility, I can see how the whole situation often begins to weigh on the couple. I try to support clients in every way so that they persevere and together we find a personalised pathway to success. Every little advancement in testing and treatment methods is very important and we try to apply them all to increase the success rate of treatment.

In some cases, treatment with donated eggs is appropriate. At PFC, we have our own donor programme, years of treatment experience, and most importantly a well-rounded, professional team which includes an embryology lab, that does top-level work.

Education and specialisms: 

2002 Level II. Specialist competence certification in gynaecology and obstetrics

1996 Level I. Specialist competence certification in gynaecology and obstetrics

1987 - 1993 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University — General Medicine

Work experience in the medical field: 

2017 — present Prague Fertility Centre — Assisted reproduction specialist

2006 — present Gy-nek Gynaecology Surgery — Outpatient gynaecologist

2011 — 2021 ISCARE — Assisted reproduction specialist

2007 — 2013 Santé — Outpatient gynaecologist

2004 — 2007 ISCARE — Assisted reproduction specialist

2002 — 2004 Institute for Mother and Child Care, Prague Podolí, Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department — Doctor

1994 — 2002 Znojmo Hospital, Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics — Doctor

Dr. Lucie Musilová says: 

IVF treatment with donated eggs is a unique opportunity to increase the chances of success. Like the entire infertility treatment process, it requires a great deal of empathy — the couple needs to feel safe to display emotions.