Mgr. Kristýna Davidová | Prague Fertility Centre

Mgr. Kristýna Davidová 

Embyologist and Andrologist 

Working as an embryologist means being part of a team that has a common goal and shared values. I am grateful for the moments when the results of our entire team bring hope and joy to couples longing for a child.”

About me: 

I have always been fascinated by biology, especially the mysteries of life at the cellular level. I gained my first experience in the field of molecular biology and genetics during an internship at BIOCEV, where I worked on the production of recombinant proteins. During my studies, I was involved in the development of an international platform — Fertilitypedia — which provides useful information in the field of reproductive medicine and assisted reproduction. From that moment on, I knew that my future would lie in IVF. As part of my master’s thesis at the University Clinic in Hradec Kralove, I focused on the search for prognostic markers for cervical cancer with the possibility of examining them using non-invasive methods. Since February 2024, I am proud to be part of the PFC team.

My motto: 

Every day brings new miracles of life, and in embryology I can participate in them.”