Dr. Lucie Švabíková, Ph.D.

IVF Physician

I believe that having a harmonious family and healthy children is the path to living happily

Dr. Lucie Svabikova is a gynecologist and obstetrician from the faculty of Medicine at Charles University. She acquired her fellowship at the First Faculty of Medicine and General Charles University Hospital, commonly known as Apolinar, one of the most renowned Czech Hospitals for gynecology and obstetrics. She specializes in Fertility Treatments and In-vitro Fertilization; the evaluation, diagnosis, and operative Hysteroscopy. Her publications involve subjects such as the diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine pathologies during pregnancy. Alongside her engagement at PFC, she is a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and a recurrent guest speaker at international conferences on the subject of Hysteroscopy. She’s the proud mother of two boys.

Professional education:

  • 2004 attestation I. st. – Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • 2008 Specialized competence of the Ministry of Health
  • 2011 Included in the postgraduate education system of the AR section
  • 2015 Ph.D. First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Topic: “Diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine pathologies associated with pregnancy”

Professional experience:

  • 2001 – 2002 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hospital with Polyclinic Příbram
  • Since 2002 General University Hospital in Prague and First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University – Apolinářská 18, Prague 2 – secondary doctor, assistant professor
  • 2012 – 2013 IVF Centrum Iscare, s.r.o. – IVF doctor
  • 2014 – 2018 Europe IVF International, s.r.o. Prague – IVF doctor
  • Since 2019 Prague Fertility Center – IVF doctor


Dr. Lucie Švabíková, Ph.D.

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