Breaking the taboo around miscarriage

Breaking the taboo around miscarriage 




Mom carin after her daughter who just experienced miscarriage

Miscarriage remains a taboo topic for many, which can leave women and couples feeling isolated and looking for much-needed support.

Time, and time again, research has shown that one in four known pregnancies or up to 20 per cent pregnancies, end in miscarriage. While the research attempts to show how common and normal miscarriages are, they are still devastating, both emotionally and physically. Several women who miscarry have to go through a surgery to remove fetal tissue.

Miscarriage can cause post-traumatic stress disorder

The loss could also, in many women trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.

Most miscarriages happen in the first three months of pregnancy, so many people decide not to announce they are expecting until after their 12-week scan, leaving them without support if they miscarry.

There is often an assumption that early pregnancy loss is less significant than later miscarriage, but research clearly indicated some women suffer symptoms similar to PTSD following miscarriage, which can affect every aspect of their daily life, including their physical health, relationships, sleep patterns and work.

And still, women don’t talk about this loss. They carry it within them, many of them carry it with them their entire lives.

Women don’t talk.

Rather, women are discouraged from talking about this because it is too personal, too disgusting according to some and some fear they will be told it is their fault. Over the years, several powerful, famous women have come out and revealed how they dealt with the loss of miscarriage, in the hopes of shedding light on the issue, on ensuring that everyone realizes miscarriage can happen to anyone and hoping it would get rid of the taboo.

Isn’t it time to make sure women have the space to grieve?

There is kindness lacking everywhere. It really is time to extend some towards women who keep going through life without any complaints. Silently grieving over an unimaginable loss.

Breaking the taboo of miscarriage is vital if we are going to improve things for couples who lose a baby. In the early stages, the pregnancy may not yet be visible, but the excitement and anticipation has often begun from the moment of the positive pregnancy test.

No matter how early a pregnancy is lost, a dream of the future dies with it.

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