Elida Jurak

IVF Program Coordinator, ESHRE Certified Nurse

I always had a calling for helping people since I was little. I am grateful to work at PFC and share the biggest part of my day with people who share the same passion.

Elida Jurak is a coordinator at PFC for patients from former Yugoslavian countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia). Though a native of Montenegro, she lived in Slovenia and acquired her degree as a Registered Nurse from the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University in Maribor, Slovenia; she also specialized in Organization and Management of Human Resources and Educational Systems.

Nowadays, there are Two ESHRE Certified nurses in the Czech Republic, Elida is one of them.

She worked at the Clinical department of anesthesiology and intensive care surgery of the University Medical Centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she acquired skills of utmost importance for her current role; her bedside manner among them. She learned how to properly care for her patients throughout their recovery in the ICU, and to provide emotional support for them and their families.

She later worked as a nurse in Dom Poljčane, Slovenia, where she not only administered treatment, but also helped and instructed patients about every step of the process. This included the preparation of patients for diagnostic procedures and surgeries, as well as coordinating and planning their adequate care after hospitalization. Later on, she also mentored students at the nursing school.

Elida moved to Prague in 2008 and joined PFC in 2020. She came to strengthen the coordination of patients from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Since then, she has helped dozens of couples. She works closely with all PFC's doctors, especially with Dr. Sonja Lazarovska. Her approach to patient coordination is to build trust and an open relationship even before they meet in person. “When I finally meet a patient in Prague, it often seems as if we were old friends who haven’t met for a long time.” She cares for each couple in an individual way, with empathy and professionalism. She is happy to support her patients through the good and not so good moments, she knows that compassion and perseverance is the only way to help them reach their desired goal of becoming parents.

When Elida is not working, she is taking care of her close and extended family, the anchor of her life. She is the proud mother of three boys.

Elida Jurak

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