The journey to parenthood doesn't have to cost you a fortune

The journey to parenthood doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Save 350 EUR with us! 



One in five Czech couples is facing infertility problems, which is now considered a disease of civilization. Fortunately, modern medicine and IVF specialists at the Prague Fertility Centre offer countless solutions to treat infertility.

More and more young couples are postponing the conception of a child until an older age. This trend brings with it many challenges and the need for medical care. This is not only due to age, but also due to lifestyle habits such as lack of exercise and sleep, stress, smoking and other factors that contribute significantly to fertility problems. Female eggs, as the oldest cells in the body, are formed at birth and then age. After age 35, eggs often fail to properly distribute genetic information, increasing the risk of genetically unhealthy eggs, miscarriages and the inability to conceive. In men, reduced sperm quality is also associated with age, although this process occurs later than in women.

At Prague Fertility Centre we perform over 1 200 cycles of IVF treatment per year. The number of couples who postpone parenthood due to economic and social reasons is increasing. There can also be considerable pressure from society and family, which increases the psychological burden on both partners. It is also crucial for women to monitor their menstrual and ovulation cycles. Irregularities should be consulted with a gynaecologist who can help in the initial steps. Regular intercourse during the fertile period, ideally once every 2 days, is recommended, although often difficult to schedule.

method of assisted reproduction is ICSI, in which the best sperm fertilizes a selected egg. The development of the embryo is then monitored to ensure that it divides and develops properly. If the embryo does not show optimal development, it may indicate a problem in the germ cells, which is not necessarily age-related. To increase the success of treatment, we use hormonal stimulation to help more eggs mature. Stimulation starts on the second day of the menstrual cycle and lasts for about a week. During this period, we monitor by ultrasound how the woman responds to the treatment. At the end of the stimulation, egg retrieval follows.

The retrieval is followed by embryo transfer, during which the embryo is usually implanted. This process is carefully monitored and adapted to the needs of the woman. Good quality embryos that are not used immediately can be frozen using the modern method of vitrification. In this way, a higher chance of pregnancy is maintained in future years.” explains Dr. Lucie Švabíková, head doctor at PFC. In the case of an unsuccessful first transfer, further examinations and subsequent attempts may be made according to the woman’s individual response to the previous treatment.

Assisted reproduction offers hope to many couples facing challenges on the road to parenthood. With the help of modern technology and the personalized approach of IVF professionals, we increase the chances of your successful pregnancy every day. In addition, thanks to the summer discount, you can save 350 EUR at Prague Fertility Centre.