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We are acutely aware that the infertility treatment process is very demanding, especially emotionally. That is why we gather information from our experts so that you too can learn what is important for couples in a similar situation. You can learn more about reproductive health, artificial insemination, fertility preservation and related topics.


Success rate of IVF 

Embryology has revolutionized fertility treatments, introducing incredible advancements. Imagine techniques boasting over 98% success in embryo thawing, offering hope even with fewer eggs. Tailored approaches, like Preimplantation Genetic Testing, enhance success rates, supporting individuals seeking fertility solutions. 


Free infertility testing and consultation during Prague Fertility Days 

Have you been trying to get pregnant for more than a year — or for more than 6 months if you are over the age of 35 — without success? Or is getting pregnant not a problem, but you keep having miscarriages? Either way, it’s worth a visit to a fertility specialist. You’ll get a better idea of your chances of conceiving naturally, identify any problems early on and have an experienced partner to guide you through this difficult time for many couples. In addition, during the Prague Fertility Days from 1 to 30 September 2023, you will receive a free consultation and examination — even for self-paying patients.

Mom carin after her daughter who just experienced miscarriage

Breaking the taboo around miscarriage 

Miscarriage remains a taboo topic for many, which can leave women and couples feeling isolated and looking for much-needed support.


Where in Prague should you stay? 

As a popular tourist destination, Prague offers a wide range of accommodation options ranging from budget options to five-star hotels. We have selected several hotels that have proven popular with our patients and with whom we have arranged special rates for you. Our IVF Coordinators can advise you on booking accommodation at a special rate for PFC patients.


How can IVF and Genetic testing help prevent Sickle Cell disease? 

July and September are Sickle Cell Awareness Months in the U.K. and U.S.A. Sickle cell disease is a relatively common genetic disorder that IVF & Genetic testing (PGT‑M) can help prevent – around one in 10 African-Americans is a carrier for this trait. Other groups can carry sickle cell trait as well, including Hispanics, Caribbean, South Americans, Central Americans, and those from certain parts of Europe, including Italy and Greece. In addition to working with patients who carry this trait, at PFC we also work with patients who have sickle cell disease. Advancements in the field of genetic testing have made it possible for carriers to avoid passing on the condition to their children.


How do I get to the PFC clinic? 

No matter where you come from, we are always here for you. And to make your journey to Prague Fertility Centre as easy as possible, here are some tips on how to get here without any problems.