How to choose the right IVF clinic?

How to choose the right IVF clinic? 



All great things begin with desire. That’s true of the journey to the baby of your dreams. For many women, motherhood is a natural and powerful desire. Those who struggle with fertility issues may find the road to a baby more difficult. Fortunately, there is assisted reproductive technology that offers help for even the most difficult cases. Choosing the right partner in the form of an IVF clinic is an important step on the road to parenthood. What factors should you consider when you are making your decision?

1. Clinic success:
One of the most important factors is the success rate of the clinic. Find out the statistics on the success rate of IVF at the facility and compare it with other clinics. Be sure to review the statistics relevant to your specific case. If you already know what method of treatment you will undergo, focus on it.

2. Professional team:
The expert team of the clinic is important. Research the experience and qualifications of the doctors and embryologists. Enquire about their approach to patients and whether you agree with their views and attitudes regarding fertility treatment. At Prague Fertility Centre we believe in a human empathetic approach, mutual trust between doctor and patient. So don’t be afraid and start your investigation.

3. Technologies and equipment offered:
Modern technology and equipment play an important role in the success of IVF. Check out the technology and equipment available at the clinic. At Prague Fertility Centre, we use superior equipment that is definitely not the norm. In our embryology laboratory, a special incubator is used every day to safely store our patients’ future babies.

4. Individual approach:
Each patient requires an individual approach. Ensure that the staff of the clinic you choose are willing to give you their utmost attention. We hope you do not want to be the next number on the waiting list. You are not in the bank to be a number in line. Our specialists will set aside plenty of time for you and you will be cared for by one doctor at all times. You will also be sensitively guided through your treatment by your personal coordinator.

5. Price:
The price of IVF treatment can vary depending on the clinic. Find out the prices of each clinic and compare them. Be sure to inform yourself about any fees that are associated with the treatment. Some clinics quote a price for the treatment alone, but you will end up paying more for the other necessary steps and tests. At Prague Fertility Centre we value our clients and therefore we are transparent. From the beginning of the treatment, each couple is assigned a coordinator who helps to navigate all the methods, appropriate procedures and price list.

6. Availability and location:
The accessibility of the clinic and its location are also of great importance. Make sure you know how far the clinic is from your home and how to get to it. If you are from far away, research if there is accommodation nearby. Some clinics offer the option for their patients to stay in nearby hotels at more affordable rates.

7. References and reviews:
Before choosing a reproductive center, read references and reviews from former patients. This can give you valuable feedback and information on how the clinic works in practice. You can find reviews on various forums, Facebook groups as well as internet search engines.

8. Intuition and feeling:
Don’t forget your own feeling and intuition. When selecting a clinic, it is essential that you feel comfortable in the clinic. Be aware of your feelings from the moment you enter the clinic, because the success of treatment is made up of many factors and one of them is undoubtedly the psychological well-being of the patients.

Prague Fertility Centre:
The private clinic Prague Fertility Centre meets all the above factors. We offer:

- High success rate of IVF treatment

- A team of experienced and qualified doctors and embryologists

- Modern technology and equipment

- Individual approach to each patient

- Fair prices and transparency

- Good accessibility and location in Prague 9

- Excellent references and reviews from former patients

- Pleasant environment and friendly approach

We believe that with us you will be able to achieve your dream of having a baby.