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We are acutely aware that the infertility treatment process is very demanding, especially emotionally. That is why we gather information from our experts so that you too can learn what is important for couples in a similar situation. You can learn more about reproductive health, artificial insemination, fertility preservation and related topics.


Preimplantation genetic testing: Science at your service 

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is a revolutionary method that increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and eliminates the transmission of genetic diseases. This article discusses the benefits of PGT, presents interesting data and reveals the ethical aspect associated with this innovative testing technique that enriches the assisted reproductive process.


How to choose the right IVF clinic? 

All great things begin with desire. That’s true of the journey to the baby of your dreams. For many women, motherhood is a natural and powerful desire. Those who struggle with fertility issues may find the road to a baby more difficult. Fortunately, there is assisted reproductive technology that offers help for even the most difficult cases. Choosing the right partner in the form of an IVF clinic is an important step on the road to parenthood. What factors should you consider when you are making your decision?


Myths and facts about IVF: Separating truth from misinformation 

IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a method of assisted reproduction that allows conception
outside the womb. Although IVF is a relatively common procedure, there are
still many myths and misinformation about it. In this article, we will look at
some of the most common ones and clarify the facts.


Improving fertility through nutrition 

While age and genetic factors influence egg and sperm quality, incorporating healthy lifestyle choices can positively impact your fertility health. Find out how you can positively influence your fertility with the right diet.

Pregnancy after 40 is possible.

What are my chances of getting pregnant in 40s? 

The reality of our current society has drastically changed compared to our parent’s generation.The truth is, that getting pregnant in your 40s is becoming common ground. We have enormous life opportunities that we want to explore, we want to create a safe environment for our future children, we want to make sure we are emotionally prepared for parenting.

Mom carin after her daughter who just experienced miscarriage

Breaking the taboo around miscarriage 

Miscarriage remains a taboo topic for many, which can leave women and couples feeling isolated and looking for much-needed support.