Dr. Anna Kálalová | Prague Fertility Centre

Dr. Anna Kálalová 

IVF Specialist 

We welcomed the young gynaecology specialist to PFC in 2024. According to her, the doctor’s motivation is always satisfied and happy patients. This is doubly true in the field of gynaecology-obstetrics. MUDr. Kálalová has perfectly fit in with her team of colleagues, whom, according to her words, she sees devoting themselves to their work with maximum dedication. The common interest of our doctors is to make our clients happy and to fulfill their life wishes. That is also why she wants to use her experience at PFC to make as many couples happy as possible.

Personal statement: 

Since graduating from medical school I have been working in the field of gynaecology-obstetrics. During my internship in a regional hospital, I gradually expanded my experience through deliveries, surgeries and outpatient practice. Gradually, I focused on prenatal ultrasound diagnosis, which I practiced both in the hospital and in hospital outpatient clinics. During my parental leave, I expanded my practice outside of the hospital. As an outpatient gynecologist and also as a hospital-based physician, I began to see couples more frequently where pregnancy may be an issue. Based on the positive feedback from patients returning to me after IVF, I began to look into this issue more and ended up at PFC.

Education and specialism: 

2018 Specialist competence in Gynaecology and Obstetrics

2006 — 2012 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague — General Medicine

2014 FMF ultrasonic certification

Professional practice: 

2024 — so far Prague Fertility Centre — IVF specialist

2015 — present
CZP Jirny — Outpatient Gynaecologist

2012 — present
Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department of Nymburk Hospital — Doctor

Dr. Kálalová says: 

Our common interest is that our clients are happy and that their life wishes are fulfilled.”