All-Inclusive programme

With our all-inclusive programme, you have access to all existing IVF laboratory methods including MACS or LAZT.

A fixed price ceiling for the treatment, a maximum chance of conception in the first IVF cycle, guaranteed frozen embryo transfer and the first frozen embryo transfer included in the price are the main advantages of the programme.

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The All-Inclusive programme includes:

    • Consultation in-person consultation with one of our doctors, includes transvaginal ultrasound and sperm analysis (for patients traveling from abroad who choose not to come in for an in-person first visit, this includes: full medical file review with personalized treatment plan plus online consultation with one of our skilled IVF consultants)
    • Ultrasound control during the stimulation (vaginal and abdominal control of uterus, ovaries, etc.)
    • Results evaluation, preparation of stimulation protocol, prescriptions, ev. sending prescriptions via post (preparing the drugs protocol based on results and current situation)
    • Hormonal stimulation of a donor in synchronized cycle
    • Sperm preparation and spermiogramme (analyses of sperm count, morfology, motility, etc.)
    • ICSI fertilization
    • Cultivation of embryos in vitro up to 72 hours
    • Ultrasound guided fresh embryo transfer (transfer of selected embryos into the prepared uterus)
    • MACS (Magnetic-Activated Sperm Cell Sorting) selective removing defective although morphologically indistinguishable cells from sperm preparations
    • Sperm freezing (slow freezing of selected sperm sample, 1 year storage included)
    • Extended embryo cultivation up to blastocyst stage (prolonged cultivation of embryos up to 120 hours)
    • TIME-LAPSE monitoring (noninvasive embryo morphokinetics evaluation and cell cleavage analysis)
    • COMING SOON: CATI (Cognitive Automation of Time-lapse Images) for automatic evaluation of embryo development
    • Embryo vitrification (fast cryopreservation method with high survival rates, due to low risks of damages to the cells from ice crystal formation; 1 year storage included)
    • Ultrasound guided cryo embryo transfer (1 transfer of selected cryopreserved embryos into the prepared uterus)
    • EmbryoGlue® to promote implantation for increased take-home baby rate
    • LAZT (Laser Assisted Zona Thining) for thinning a portion of the outer embryo shell by a laser for facilitating embryo’s hatching process
    • STD tests (HIV 1, 2; HBV; HCV; BWR)

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