All-Inclusive programme for IVF cycles

Usually suitable for couples at younger reproductive age where we expect a good response to stimulation and the sperm analysis shows either normal or abnormal values.

Usually couples who had previous attempts. Any couple who is interested in high-quality IVF backed by the entire arsenal of innovative methods offered by our clinic.

The All-Inclusive programme for IVF cycles includes:

    • 1st 60min consultation
    • Ultrasound checking during the stimulation
    • Preparation of stimulation protocol
    • Sedation or general anaesthesia
    • OPU incl. preparation, single-use medical equipment and stay on the clinic during and after the procedure
    • Sperm preparation + spermiogramme
    • Sperm freezing + 1 year of storage
    • ICSI fertilization up to 10 eggs
    • Cultivation of embryos in vitro up to 72 hours

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