This IVF cycle is suitable for couples who are not completely decided to conceive with the help of an Egg donor. They would still like to give their own cells a last chance.

COMBI IVF (a Tandem IVF cycle with a matching Egg donor), means that we will stimulate both You and your Egg donor at the same time. We will fertilize and cultivate embryos hoping to achieve a biological embryo for transfer. However, if this is not the case, you will have the peace of mind of having embryos from the Egg donor for transfer. This saves time by not having to go through a new Egg donor cycle in a future menstrual cycle.

    The Combi Cycle includes:

    • 1st 60min consultation
    • Ultrasound checking during the stimulation
    • Preparation of stimulation protocol
    • Sedation or general anaesthesia
    • OPU incl. preparation, single-use medical equipment and stay on the clinic during and after the procedure
    • Sperm preparation + spermiogramme
    • Sperm freezing + 1 year of storage
    • ICSI fertilization up to 10 eggs
    • Cultivation of embryos in vitro up to 72 hours

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