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assisted selection of immotile sperm 

Thanks to laser-assisted selection of immotile sperm (LAISS), we are able to detect sperm that, while stationary, are alive and have the ability to fertilise an egg through intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Through using LAISS, we increase the chance of fertilisation in couples with male factor infertility.

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What is LAISS?

Finding and selecting viable sperm is essential for the successful fertilization of an egg.

Assessing sperm viability is a prerequisite for successful ICSI, as the injection of poor-quality sperm into the egg often results in fertilisation failure. The detection of live sperm in men with non-motile sperm in the sample (necrospermia) is a challenging but very important step. Using a non-contact 1.48 µm diode laser, we aim at the pulse at the end of the sperm tail

Two possible reactions are then observed within seconds:

  • After the laser shot, the sperm’s tail starts to curl
  • The sperm shows no reaction.

The reactive sperm are viable and can be used immediately for fertilisation.

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Main benefits of LAISS

  • LAISS is a safe technology and is performed directly in the IVF laboratory without the need for further micromanipulation
  • The laser shot is always aimed at the far end of the tail, so it has no ill effects on the genetic material in the sperm’s head.
  • Thanks to laser-assisted selection, we can accurately identify and select viable sperm to create a quality embryo.

LAISS is one of the advanced technologies our PFC laboratory uses to select best-quality sperm for successful fertilisation. Selection methods and their possible combinations are always suggested by our doctors and embryologists according to specific test results and the couple’s particular situation.

If you are wondering what other options exist specifically for your case, please contact PFC and our specialists. Together we will look for your personal pathway to a successful conception.