Donation programmes.

The positive result of the pregnancy test is not our sole objective. We do our best to ensure a smooth pregnancy and childbirth as well as healthy baby.

IVF with donated egg cells is proven to be a very successful fertility treatment. In the Czech Republic, eggs, embryos and sperm can be donated and the anonymity of all participants is ensured.

There is no waiting list at Prague Fertility Centre for IVF treatment with donation.

Egg donors.

We only use eggs from healthy young donors who have to undergo physical, psychological, hormonal and sexually transmitted diseases tests. It is obligatory for the donors to do karyotype screening and screening that reveals the gene mutation for cystic fibrosis. Our donors are usually young mothers or university students. Egg donation is anonymous for both donor and recipient.

Sperm donors.

Sperm donors are healthy young men. They undergo karyotype screening and screening that reveals the gene mutation for cystic fibrosis. They are tested for sexually transmitted diseases and they have to pass the necessary health assessment test. Donor sperm is used for couples when the sperm of the male partner can’t be used for fertilization. Donors remain anonymous.

Donated embryos.

They are created from both donated sperm and eggs. They are used when both partners need donation due to infertility. Embryo donation is highly successful. Donors and recipients remain anonymous.

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