Bc. Markéta Brandani

Bc. Zuzana Švejcarová 


I’m grateful to work as an IVF coordinator as it allows me to stay in touch with the field of medicine and, at the same time, I can help people from all over the world on their exciting journey to become a family in Prague.

About me 

I joined PFC in 2019 with over 8 years of experience as a nurse and IVF Coordinator. My role is to guide French and English-speaking couples through the whole treatment process. I enjoy being part of a team with many experienced specialists, doctors and embryologists, who all cooperate to make a difference in life of our patients. 

Most of all — it is great to work around people who love what they do as much I do. All couples struggling with fertility issues have my greatest respect for their determination and faith. My goal is to provide a support system for them and make them feel safe with us in PFC.