MUDr. Jan Smrčina | Prague Fertility Centre

Dr. Jan Smrčina 

IVF specialist 

Dr. Smrčina is a calm, honest and supportive partner for couples undergoing fertility treatment. He has worked in assisted reproduction since 2014, drawing on his experience in gynaecology and obstetrics at a large university hospital. In his practice, Dr. Smrčina emphasises transparency and continuity of treatment.

Personal Statement 

I have held a keen interest in IVF since my medical studies because of the intersection of gynaecology with modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of infertility. IVF has, however, long lacked education and awareness, which play a key role in the whole process.

Openness and consistency are important to me in IVF. It is part of my role to educate the couple about their chances of success so that they enter treatment with realistic expectations. I try to be as supportive as possible so my patients can find peace of mind, guidance and the sense that they are not alone in their situation.

Through being informed, we save precious time and we work towards a common goal. Efficiency is also helped by our close cooperation with embryologists who, thanks to their experience, have great results in guiding and preparing embryos for successful nesting. We always try to do our very best to help couples conceive while being completely honest and open throughout.

Education and specialisms: 

  • 2015 Specialist competence certification in gynaecology and obstetrics
  • 2002 — 2008 Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Pilsen — General Medicine

Work experience in the medical field: 

  • 2022 — present Prague Fertility Centre — Assisted reproduction specialist
  • 2017 — 2022 FertilityPort family centre of assisted reproduction — Assisted reproduction specialist and co-owner
  • 2014 — 2017 IVF CUBE Clinic — Assisted reproduction specialist
  • 2008 — 2015 Thomayer University Hospital, Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics — Doctor and Consultant

Dr. Jan Smrčina says: 

The final decision is always up to each couple. Our job is to make sure that they have all the information available about their own situation. It is our role to support them through every step of their journey.