Dr. Jaroslav Těšina | Prague Fertility Centre

Dr. Jaroslav Těšina 

IVF Specialist 

Dr. Těšina has enriched our team with his long-standing expertise and rich experience, which will be appreciated not only by us, but especially by patients who are longing for a baby. He is an experienced gynaecologist and IVF specialist who has been running a clinic in Karlovy Vary for many years. Today, he can use his erudition in the care of Czech and foreign patients of the Prague Fertility Centre for assisted reproduction.

Personal statement: 

For me, medicine symbolizes a life mission where I can contribute every day with kind words and actions to make our clients feel better. I always try to be there for them and listen patiently to their stories, whether they are already mothers or are just about to become ones.

Education and specialism: 

1991 — 1997 Faculty of Medicine, Charles University — Hradec Králové

Professional practice: 

2024 — nyní Prague Fertility Centre

2015 — 2024 Leading doctor, Pronatal SPA, Karlovy Vary

2010 — 2015 Head doctor, Žatec Hospital

2007 — 2010 Doctor, Hospital Krajská zdravotní a.s. Most, Chomutov

2007 — 2007 Doctor, Pronatal Nord, Teplice

1997 — 2007 Doctor, Hospital Krajská zdravotní a.s., Ústí nad Labem

Dr. Těšina says: 

In my many years of practice, I have had the opportunity to meet many strong women whose will and determination were and are inspiring. I am honored to be part of life stories with a good ending.”