OptimFert for
the 15% increase
of the pregnancy rate*

OptimFert for an optimal time of eggs fertilization

OptimFert is a laboratory method designed to help women with poor or delayed response to hormonal stimulation, in order to increase their pregnancy chances, by monitoring maturity and performing timely fertilization of their limited number of oocytes. This method highly benefits women diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve (low level of AMH) or of advanced age (for natural conception).


* OptimFert method increases the pregnancy rate of poor responders by 15% (the average pregnancy rate for this group of patients increases from 22% to 37%).


OptimFert method increases the average number of cycles concluded with an effective embryo transfer from 45% to 87%.


OptimFert method increases the number of the cycles resulting in more viable embryos for a future frozen embryo transfer (cycles that would result in one transfer or no embryo transfer at all can turn into a cycle with two transfers) from the average of 12% to 45%.

The right time to fertilize a mature egg
can be determined by OptimFert

OptimFert is our original IVF treatment method and represents just one of the innovations increasing the success of infertility treatment.

In the treatment of infertility, the right time of the highest quality embryo transfer is crucial. For its quality, it is an important moment when the egg is mature enough and be ready for sperm fertilization. It is a completely dominant factor affecting the quality of the embryo.

The OptimFert method is based on the oocytes monitoring, i.e. mature eggs, in a laboratory environment. It is a non-invasive method using polarizing microscopy, which can be used in treatment cycles with fresh or frozen

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