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Dr. Jaroslav Hulvert Ph.D.

IVF Physician

Dr. Jaroslav Hulvert is an internationally recognized Charles University gyneacologist known for his expertise in Assisted Reproduction. He joined PFC in the beginning of 2019 as the Lead IVF physician after gathering close to 30 years of experience in leading posts at other Czech Fertility Centers, such as UPMD, Pronatal, Gennet and almost 10 years at ISCARE IVF Center. He has gathered international experience at the Copenhagen City Hospital and Circonia IVF Center in Denmark, as well as in Gothemburg City Hospital in Sweden. Dr. Hulvert has been an invited lecturer at national and international conferences as honored guest speaker. He has authored and co-authored research papers in more more than 20 local and foreign publications. He is an active member of the Czech Gyneacology and Obstetrics association, Czech Society for Assisted Reproduction (SAR) and Czech Society for Ultrasonography, he is also a member of ESHRE.

Dr. Jaroslav Hulvert Ph.D.

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