Published 17. 7. 2021

MICHSS – Microfluidic Chip-Based Sperm Selection

Fertility treatments require both:  Eggs and Sperm to be processed

Up to 50% of infertility cases are linked to males and sperm health.  So healthy sperm is an essential element of a successful fertility cycle.  

Traditional sperm processing by centrifugation increases fragmented DNA and cellular stress, damaging the very building blocks of life, and reducing your odds of successful fertility treatment.

MICHSS is a method that sorts the sperm by mimicking nature itself.  It simulates the uterine pathways to separate the highest performing, most motile sperm.

No spinning means No damage to the cells.   And, the lowest damage or DNA fragmentation, more normal and motile sperm.

Samples that are viscous, with low concentration, low motility, low volume – or a combination of those properties can be more naturally, yet effectively sorted by using MICHSS.

This means more viable embryos and more opportunities for a successful pregnancy!

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